McCarthy rejects Senate funding bill, cites lack of support for border security

 September 28, 2023

Tuesday evening saw the Senate pass a continuing resolution aimed at preventing a shutdown by temporarily funding the federal government.

Yet in a move sure to anger Democrats, The Hill has reported that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy won't let the measure get a vote. 

Virginia Republican: "There's no way the House would pass that bill"

According to the website, McCarthy conveyed that message during a closed-door meeting with members of the Republican caucus on Wednesday.

"I don’t think he plans to do that," Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good was quoted as saying when asked by reporters about whether or not the Senate bill be brought to the floor.

"He reiterated that this morning. I called on him to consistently say that to the public, let the Senate know that’s dead on arrival and that there’s no way the House would pass that bill," Good added.

Good had earlier slammed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for not passing House spending bills which contained provisions on increased border security.

Border security a key sticking point

The Hill noted that Florida Democratic Rep. Byron Donalds also threw water on the Senate's bill, saying it "is dead over here."

"First of all, you continue spending, you have $6.2 billion for Ukraine, they do nothing to secure our southern border. That is just a nonstarter. The Senate needs to get real," Donalds complained.

Donalds reiterated that message in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, declaring, "Secure the border or NO government shutdown deal."

McCarthy willing to compromise if border security is improved

Meanwhile, a Fox News report on Thursday cited sources as saying that McCarthy is open to a funding compromise provided that it strengthens the border.

"Basically [McCarthy] said we are going to look bad without our own plan and the Senate having passed something," the unnamed source told Fox News.

The network recalled that McCarthy had signaled a willingness to compromise when speaking with reporters on Thursday morning, stating, "I think this is a place where we can get a short term stopgap if we get something on the border."

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