McCarthy Sets Date For Merrick Garland's Possible Impeachment

If you ever want to see liberals in a REAL panic, there's only one thing you need to do.

Threaten to hold them to the standards that they want America's Republicans held to.

I'm not saying that all Republicans are great. I would imagine that there are many of them out there dirtier than last week's undies. But what I AM saying is that on average, Republicans stand up for what's right a whole lot more often.

Take a look at how impeachments are handled on each side.

Remember in the 90s when Bill Clinton got his due process for violating the most sacred office in the land? He had the choice between his wife and family or one of his interns, and he chose wrong.

This all happened IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Okay, maybe Donald Trump has had a smooch or two outside his marriage, but do you know what he didn't do?



Bill Clinton did both of those things. Remember him waving his grubby little thumb in the air and assuring us that he "did NOT have sexual relations with that woman." He was very careful to call her a "woman" in order to portray Lewinsky as an adult. He didn't want the real story being known that she was just 22 years of age and he was 49 and the most powerful man in the country. He misdirected us intentionally by referring to her as a woman.

For some reason, Bill Clinton got away with stuff like that yet Donald Trump is facing two separate serious indictments.

Well if liberals want to play hardball, then fine.

We can't get Bill Clinton these days, but we can still hit them where it hurts.

According to Kevin McCarthy, his new target is Merrick Garland.

He's not waiting around either. McCarthy plans on taking action by July 6.

What do you think? Should Merrick Garland be held to the same standards as Donald Trump?

Let us know what you think about this story in the comments below.

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