Media personality Kris Jenner announces sister's death

 March 20, 2024

Media personality Kris Jenner, the mother of socialites Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, is mourning a loss in the family. 

Jenner's younger sister Karen Houghton died at the age of 65, Kris Jenner announced in a heartfelt post.

Houghton led a quiet and modest life in comparison to the extravagance that the Kardashians are famous for.

The cause of Houghton's death was not immediately clear.

Kris Jenner's sister dies

Jenner honored her "beautiful" sister and expressed shock over her sudden passing in a social media post, with Jenner also sending love to their mother, Mary Jo "M. J." Shannon, and Houghton's daughter Natalie.

"It is with the heaviest heart and deepest sadness that I share that my sister Karen passed away yesterday unexpectedly. My heart aches for my mom MJ and my niece Natalie and I pray that God guides us all through this difficult time," Jenner wrote.

Houghton's daughter Natalie Zettel also shared a heartbreaking tribute over Instagram. 

"You were the most kind, sweet, loving, giving, and caring soul. You had the biggest heart. And I don’t know how to go on without you. It all happened so quick & I wasn’t ready for you to go," she said.

Estranged sisters reconciled

Jenner and her sister were estranged for years, with Jenner and her famous daughters Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall often in the media spotlight.

But Karen grabbed the attention of the press as well, dishing on her sister's "vain" personality and plastic surgery, which she estimated cost $1 million.

"She’s a huge celebrity and now she has changed. I’m not saying good or bad. But I’ve seen what it can do to Kris… ever since she moved to L.A," she wrote in a 2014 Facebook post.

In 2016, Karen underwent a face lift to "look like my beautiful sister Kris."

Despite their differences, the sisters were able to reconcile before Houghton's death.

Their parents, Mary Jo "M. J." Shannon and Robert True Houghton, divorced when the sisters were young. Their stepfather Harry Shannon, whom Jenner called her "dad," died in 2003.

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