Meghan Markle's next PR move carries 'huge risk', expert says

 August 31, 2023

Meghan Markle is reportedly pursuing a professional separation from her woebegone husband as they attempt to rehabilitate their public image.

An expert on the royal family, Kinsey Schofield, noted the signs of Markle's next move, telling Fox News the attempted PR reboot will likely backfire by separating Markle from what made her famous in the first place.

"He elevated her, and I think people will be much more forgiving of him before they will forgive her," Schofield said.

Markle's next move

Markle has signed independently with a talent manager while her husband releases a new Netflix series, Heart of Invictus, without Markle's involvement, Schofield observed.

"There were clear signs of a professional separation when WME announced that they were only signing Meghan Markle," Schofield said. "Then the ‘Heart of Invictus’ trailer was released, and we discovered that Prince Harry was the executive producer — without Meghan."

A professional separation carries greater risks for Markle than her husband, Schofield said, noting that Harry has been in the public eye for decades, while Markle was a nobody before her marriage brought her global fame.

"She was not a celebrity or a household name. We loved and accepted Meghan because we have loved Prince Harry since he was a little boy," Schofield said.

"Huge risk"

Harry and Meghan stepped away from their royal duties in 2020 to pursue careers as full-time celebrities and social media influencers.

The couple has earned worldwide scorn for making careers out of attacking the Royal Family - airing the dirty laundry in a self-absorbed Netflix documentary and a tell-all book authored by Harry, Spare.

Harry's new documentary focuses on the Invictus Games, a sporting competition for wounded veterans that Harry, a former military officer, founded.

As Markle continues to chase fame and approval, her husband is likely to gain sympathy by resuming the traditional charitable roles associated with the British monarchy, Schofield said.

"If Meghan strays too far from Harry, people’s hearts might soften towards Harry — especially with all the recent charity work we’ve seen him do … solo … plus ‘Heart of Invictus.'"

"I think she takes a huge risk distancing herself from the individual that gave her the platform that she has today. As a former PR professional, I would not advise it."

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