Megyn Kelly mocks Michelle Obama for ridiculous effusive praise of Beyonce's new 'country' album

 April 6, 2024

Several prominent Democrats, including former first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris, have essentially been promoting pop star Beyonce's new "country" album as the greatest thing ever, in that it serves to "redefine" an entire genre of music.

Podcaster Megyn Kelly isn't buying that, though, as she brutally mocked Obama, Harris, and others in the media for their over-the-top adulation of the star singer's new music, according to The Wrap.

Kelly also savagely ripped Beyonce herself over the new album, particularly her remake of Dolly Parton's classic hit "Jolene" in a way that completely alters and undermines the original song's entire underlying message for women.

Obama, Harris herald Beyonce for helping to "redefine" country music

On the day that Beyonce's new album, "Cowboy Carter," was released, VP Harris posted on her X account, "Beyoncé: Thank you for reminding us to never feel confined to other people's perspective of what our lane is. You have redefined a genre and reclaimed country music’s Black roots. Your music continues to inspire us all."

Just a few days later, former first lady Obama wrote a thread of posts that began, "@Beyonce, you are a record-breaker and history-maker. With Cowboy Carter, you have changed the game once again by helping redefine a music genre and transform our culture. I am so proud of you!"

Obama's thread went on to, rather predictably, inject racism and oppressed victimhood along with partisan politics and voting into the mix.

Kelly slams Obama, Harris for over-the-top praise of Beyonce

"I gotta be honest -- I’m not a big Beyoncé follower. I don’t have anything against her … I don’t listen to her music," Megyn Kelly said to preface a segment on an episode of her SiriusXM podcast this week. "But I do get kind of annoyed at how whenever she does anything, we have to pretend she’s the Second Coming."

"So she’s come out now with a country album. And of course, these leftist and media whores pretend that no one’s ever done country before Beyoncé has done it. Country’s this wonderful new genre that the Queen Bey has discovered. 'Oh my god, this is wonderful,'" she continued sarcastically. "The reactions to her album, called 'Cowboy Carter,' which just dropped, are typically over the top."

"Michelle Obama decided to post about this, and Kamala Harris, saying, 'You have redefined a genre and reclaimed country music’s Black roots.' Why did country need to be redefined? What was wrong with it that we needed it to be rescued by Beyoncé?" Kelly asked rhetorically.

The conservative-leaning podcaster adopted a mocking tone as she read through the part of Obama's post about overcoming adversity and oppression, though she paused midway through to remark of the former first lady, "She always finds a way to work how downtrodden she’s been into her tweets and posts."

After finishing her reading of Obama's post that ended with a call for people to "vote," Kelly snarkily wondered, "What is this? Is this feminism? Is this aggrievement? And why is it that 'Queen Bey' is being treated like she's the first one to take a dalliance over into this weird, heretofore unknown field of country music?"

Obama brutalized in the reply comments to her post

Megyn Kelly is certainly not alone in mocking former first lady Obama over her X post praising Beyonce's new "country" album, as numerous commenters took advantage of the opportunity to poke fun, be trollish, or flip the ideological left's oft-repeated rhetoric against white people back on them.

Many commenters, like Kelly, asserted that there was no need to "redefine" country music, while some joked that Beyonce's music represented "cultural appropriation." Others pointed out that the pop singer was far from the first black artist to make a foray into the country genre, as several others blazed that particular trail long ago.

In the end, this whole thing appears to be little more than Michelle Obama latching on to and exploiting a brief cultural moment in an effort to stay relevant and make further progress on her agenda to forcibly transform American society in ways that many Americans disapprove or want no part of.

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