Megyn Kelly Speculates on Michelle Obama's Potential 2024 Presidential Run

 January 10, 2024

Radio host and former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has ignited speculation about Michelle Obama's possible entry into the 2024 presidential race.

Kelly suggested that the former first lady might be gearing up to challenge President Joe Biden and expressed her thoughts on her self-titled show, emphasizing Obama's recent activities and statements as potential indicators of her political aspirations, as The Daily Mail reported.

In a recent episode, Kelly highlighted Obama's strong critique of former President Donald Trump, describing it as "very interesting" and hinting at its potential impact on the upcoming election.

The radio host also pointed out Obama's appearance on the On Purpose podcast, where she expressed concerns about the election and Trump regaining the presidency, claiming it kept her up at night.

Michelle's Comments

Despite not explicitly using Trump's name, Obama conveyed her fears about Americans taking democracy for granted. Kelly acknowledged Obama's influence as a powerful Democratic figure but questioned the effectiveness of her past efforts against Trump in 2016.

While acknowledging that Obama might not have succeeded in silencing Trump in the past, Kelly raised the prospect that if Obama were to declare her candidacy, it would be a "whole new ballgame."

Kelly asserted that Michelle Obama possesses more political talent than Joe Biden, making her a formidable candidate.

A recent Daily Mail/JL Partners poll indicated that among independents, Obama was the top choice to lead the Democratic ticket if Biden were to drop out. She secured 16% of respondents, while among registered Democrats, she came second with 17%, trailing behind Vice President Kamala Harris with 22%.

Despite lacking political experience, Obama's popularity as the former first lady and her personal achievements, including graduating from Harvard Law School and working as a successful attorney, could attract a significant number of Democratic and independent voters.

Kelly's Analysis of Obama's Comments

Kelly delved into Obama's recent podcast appearance, where she expressed worries about the upcoming election and emphasized the importance of leaders.

The former first lady's focus on government roles and responsibilities led Kelly to speculate about potential policy-centered themes in a presidential campaign.

However, Kelly criticized Obama for concentrating too much on rhetoric and oratory skills, emphasizing the need for practical policies. The radio host questioned the effectiveness of appealing speeches in comparison to well-thought-out policies.

Beyond the political realm, Obama shared her concerns about various issues, including war, artificial intelligence, climate change, education, and voter turnout.

The speculation about her potential entry into the 2024 presidential race follows reports of former President Barack Obama advising Biden on campaign strategies to counter the threat posed by Trump.

As the political landscape unfolds, Michelle Obama's thoughts and actions continue to draw attention, sparking discussions about her possible role in the 2024 election and its potential implications for the Democratic party.

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