Melania furious about Trump bringing Barron into debate joke

 August 23, 2023

Former First Lady Melania Trump is reportedly furious with her husband for breaking a promise he made to her about keeping their son Barron out of the spotlight as he fights multiple indictments and runs for another term as president.

Sources said Melania is "seething with fury" about a joke Trump made about a presidential debate.

The joke consisted of Barron's face photoshopped onto Trump's body with the caption: "In an effort to level the playing field, Barron Trump will debate Joe Biden!"

Melania leaving?

RadarOnline thinks Melania might even be angry enough to leave Trump.

“Melania has been incredibly protective of Barron and has told Donald she would not stand for him to be exploited by anyone, even his father!” an insider told RadarOnline. “He made a promise to protect their son — and he broke it. There’s a good chance she won’t forgive him, and the next time we see them together may be in divorce court.”

With Barron only being 17, it's natural that Melania wants to keep him out of the spotlight and away from cameras and paparazzi that he's not ready to deal with, particularly given the way many in society hate Trump.

“Despite Donald’s denials, Melania has already had to endure an indictment in New York that suggests he had an affair with a porn star while she was pregnant with Barron,” a source added. “Now, she’s livid after he’s broken his promise of keeping their son out of the spotlight.”

"Secret weapon" gone?

While it must have been embarrassing for Melania to see Trump charged and indicted over and over again, she has supported her husband up until now.

He has called her his "secret weapon" behind the scenes, although she has not been present for any of his court appearances.

She has said that she is on board with his candidacy in 2024 and it would be a "privilege" to have another chance to make a difference as first lady.

But now it may be possible that Trump has alienated his "secret weapon" for good.

Then again, it could just be media speculation and rumors that don't prove true in the end, and Melania will go on supporting her flawed husband as she has done for decades now.

Once again, time will tell which of the stories is true and which one is nothing but another attempt to bring discord into Trump's life and that of his family.

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