Reports suggest Melania Trump has renegotiated prenuptial agreement to protect son Barron's future amid Trump's costly legal problems

 September 30, 2023

The media has at times over the years appeared almost gleeful to report on any speculation and innuendo about the status of the marriage between former first couple Donald and Melania Trump -- as if they are rooting for the relationship to sour and for the pair to split and go their separate ways.

So it is that anonymously-sourced reports are now being spread about how former first lady Melania Trump has recently renegotiated her prenuptial agreement with former President Donald Trump, according to Vanity Fair.

Per the reports, Melania isn't necessarily preparing for a divorce -- though that is reportedly a possibility -- but rather is seeking to solidify and expand financial guarantees for herself and their son Barron amid concerns over the mounting costs of Trump's legal defense against multiple criminal indictments and lawsuits.

Agreement renegotiated to better protect son Barron's future

The New York Post's Page Six was the first to report that former first lady Melania has "quietly" renegotiated a "postnup" marital agreement with her former president husband.

"Melania is most concerned about maintaining and increasing a substantial trust for their son, Barron," an unnamed insider source said of the new agreement that purportedly involves both money and property.

A second anonymous source told the outlet of Melania's new agreement, "I know that she wanted it to provide her with more money, and also -- from what I understand -- there’s a specific amount at minimum that Barron is supposed to obtain."

Worried about mounting costs of Trump's legal woes

Page Six's insider noted that "This agreement was necessary because of the current legal battles" Trump is facing, including already being ordered by a court to pay $5 million to rape accuser E. Jean Carroll for alleged defamation in denying her claims, a possible judgment of up to $250 million in a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against the family business, and, of course, the fees charged by the small army of lawyers he has assembled to defend him against four separate criminal indictments and numerous other lawsuits.

"Trump remains very rich, but with mounting legal bills and judgments," the source continued, the renegotiated agreement would "provide a more solid future" for herself and Barron in the event that they ever do split.

The insider was quick to add that "It’s not that she threatened to leave him," though it was acknowledged that a possible divorce was "definitely the underlying idea" behind the renegotiation.

Not the first reported renegotiation

This is reportedly the third time that the Trumps' prenuptial agreement has been renegotiated by the former first lady, with at least one of those supposed prior rearrangements occurring around the time that Trump first took office as president in 2017, according to a 2020 report from The Washington Post about a new book that just been released by a Post reporter about the then-first lady.

Per the book, Melania had gained "bargaining power" to renegotiate the initial prenup agreement by staying by Trump's side longer than either of his prior two ex-wives as well as because of her encouragement and support for his entry into politics and the influential sway and "calming effect" she held over him and his decision making.

The book stressed that the entire premise of the renegotiated agreement was to better secure a financial future for herself and her son, including ensuring that Barron wouldn't be "shut out" of the family business once he became an adult.

According to the author, Melania "wanted proof in writing that when it came to financial opportunities and inheritance, Barron would be treated as more of an equal to Trump’s oldest three children."

That would include Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, the progeny of Trump's first marriage to Ivana who have all served as executives in the Trump Organization. Left unmentioned was Trump's other adult daughter, Tiffany, from his second marriage to Marla Maples, though she has never been particularly involved in the family business.

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