Melania Trump absent from final stage of husband's trial

 May 28, 2024

The salacious spectacle of Donald Trump's "hush money" trial is almost over, and his wife Melania Trump has yet to make an appearance.

During closing arguments Tuesday, Melania was nowhere in sight, fueling further speculation about her absence and its potential impact on the jury.

Legal experts told the Daily Mail that Melania's absence is unlikely to make a big difference and could even help her husband's case.

Melania's absence

Berkeley Law professor John Yoo said that Melania being present could help the prosecution by drawing the jury's attention away from the legal substance of the case - or lack thereof.

While Trump is charged with bookkeeping offenses, prosecutors have gone to great lengths to dredge up salacious details of his alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump has denied the encounter took place.

Melania's appearance could support the prosecution's "underhanded effort to make the trial about Stormy [Daniels]" rather than the law, Yoo said.

Salacious circus

The prosecution has been criticized over the salaciousness of the trial, which has probed Trump's personal life in intimate detail.

The jury has heard a graphic account of the alleged affair from Stormy Daniels, who also claimed that Trump and Melania slept in separate bedrooms.

Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, the star witness, told the court that Trump wasn't concerned with the alleged affair hurting his marriage and was instead preoccupied with his 2016 political campaign.

On the other hand, Trump's former assistant Madeleine Westerhout described Melania Trump as the boss in the marriage and described her relationship with her husband as "special."

Melania privately angry

Anna Cominsky, Managing Attorney of New York Law School Legal Services, said that Melania's presence is not relevant because her husband is already well-known to the jury.

"Defense attorneys usually like to have 'support' for their client evidenced by friends and family - it's something that humanizes the client. That said, this is a very different case. The jurors know that this is the former president," she told the Daily Mail.

Melania Trump is known for her reclusiveness and close attachment to her only child with Donald Trump, Barron, who graduated high school during the trial. Both parents attended the ceremony after the judge gave Donald Trump permission to go.

While Melania may not be supporting her husband in public, she is said to share her his anger toward the trial, which she sees as an unfair political hit job.

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