Melania Trump having a 'quiet' birthday, still grieving loss of her mother

 April 28, 2024

Earlier this year, former First Lady Melania Trump lost her dear mother. 

The grieving process has reportedly been difficult for her, which any reasonable person can understand, especially those who have lost parents.

The former first lady's 53rd birthday was last week, and according to People magazine's sources, this year's birthday party was likely more "reserved" given that she's still grieving the loss.

Melania Trump has been the subject of an increased amount of scrutiny from anti-Trumpers as they've attempted to create narratives as to why she hasn't been very active on her husband's campaign trail.

Quiet affair

Melania will reportedly have a toned-down version of her usual celebrations, given the recent loss of her mother.

"She is still suffering the loss of her mother and this birthday is difficult in that respect," the source reportedly told the outlet.

People noted:

Another source at the former president's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida agrees to PEOPLE that Melania's birthday will be spent out of the limelight, highlighting, "She will be with her family for a low-key celebration."

One of the sources noted that other stressors are likely playing a role in the low-key celebration this year, including her husband's ongoing legal problems. But it's nothing she can't handle.

"She can pretty much deal with anything at this point," the source reportedly said. "She shares her husband’s distrust of opposing political sides and does believe a lot of this is opposition from his political haters. But down deep she knows who her husband is."

Social media responds

Given her popularity among former President Donald Trump's large base of support, many across social media took a moment to wish her a happy birthday.

"Happy Birthday to the Best and the Next First Lady, Melania. We love you," Juanita Broaddrick wrote on X.

Franklin Graham wrote, "Today is @MELANIATRUMP's birthday! She is one classy lady. I know that Melania and her entire family are having a tough time as the former President goes through these dark waters. I'm sure it would be an encouragement for you to join me in wishing her a happy birthday! May God bless her this day, and may she sense His presence. May He bring calm and joy into her life."

According to Mr. Trump, Melania will soon be joining him more frequently on the campaign trail as the election nears.

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