Melania Trump joins Michelle Obama, other first ladies, for Rosalynn Carter's service

December 3, 2023

The late former First Lady Rosalynn Carter's memorial services were attended by numerous high-profile people, including a small, exclusive club of current and former first ladies. 

The first ladies included Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Melania Trump.

Many speculated on possible tensions in the room with Melania Trump and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton in the same room.

Overall, the memorial services went off without much controversy, other than a handful of liberal media outlets picking on Trump for what she wore.

Rare appearance

Melania Trump has kept a low profile on the public scene in recent years.

That has caused a number of media outlets to attempt to create controversy surrounding her husband's presidential campaign, with many falsely linking her low profile to a lack of support for the campaign.

Those narratives never took off, and the former first lady -- who very well could be the next first lady -- made clear in her appearance at Carter's private service that she's not intimidated.

Media outlets dialed in on Trump's appearance at the private service.

Pathetic criticism

Some liberal media outlets and personalities criticized Melania Trump for wearing a gray outfit -- which was classy and elegant -- instead of black like the rest of the group of current and former first ladies.

Earlier reports also noted that Melania Trump decided to attend the service not only out of respect, but to avoid the inevitable criticism against her husband if she hadn't attended.

Her critics on the left can't stand her level of grace and class in any situation, and will always resort to the pettiest attack angle to pander to their Trump-hating audience.

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