Melania Trump ready to make 'mark on history,' will return to campaign trail in full force

 December 26, 2023

After staying out of the public eye for most of 2023, Melania Trump is prepared to hit the campaign trail with her husband after the New Year.

Sources close to Trump's wife told PageSix that she is brimming with confidence about her husband's presidential campaign, and she is ready to make her "mark on history" with a triumphant White House return.

Big year ahead for Melania

According to the report, Melania's confidence has grown in response to fortuitous developments in her husband's legal saga.

The whole Trump clan - Melania included - was encouraged by the Supreme Court's refusal to speed up the January 6th case against President Trump.

The decision - which cast further doubt on Trump ever going to trial before the election - has left Melania confident that she and her husband will return to the White House next year.

"Trump and his family are so secure that he will become president again that insiders at Mar-a-Lago say he’s reached an agreement with [wife] Melania [Trump] to step up top-tier diplomatic appearances in 2024," one source said.

Melania is "feeling more sure of herself — as both her husband’s representative and her own position as a diplomatic figure after her positive reception at the Carter funeral," the source said.

It's quite a turnaround from months ago, when Melania's absence from her husband's court dates was widely read as evidence of her dejection and disinterest in his future.

But Melania has been more visible in public recently. She made an appearance at Rosalynn Carter's funeral and shared her perspective as an immigrant from Slovenia at a naturalization ceremony.

Melania is ready

Another source told PageSix that she is more interested than ever about serving as First Lady - and more confident, having done it once already.

Melania "realizes it’s her time to join the ranks of historic first ladies and leave her mark on history… She feels better prepared for her potential role the second time around.”

The source added that Melania feels she can devote more time to politics because her 17-year-old son, Barron, is all grown up. Barron was in grade school when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A source said, "The immediate family including Melania is solidly behind the former president.”

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