Melania Trump reportedly wants nothing to do with 2024 presidential campaign

 July 28, 2023

Former First Lady Melania Trump reportedly wants nothing to do with her husband's presidential campaign.

She has allegedly turned down requests to appear at multiple campaign events in recent weeks as Trump seeks a comeback bid for the White House.

The claims

"The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the ex-first lady, who has eschewed the typical post-White House activities of her predecessors, has put most of her energies as of late into helping her 17-year-old son, Barron Trump, search for and apply to colleges," the Independent reported.

"She also reportedly keeps her social circle small by choosing to spend time with her parents, her son, and “a handful of old friends” in addition to visits to hairdressers and consultations with longtime stylist Herve Pierre," it added.

Still supportive

"People close to the Trump family told The Times that Melania Trump's lack of public support for Trump does not mean she doesn't privately support him and that she still defends him behind the scenes," Insider reported.

"The report also noted that Melania Trump believes that Trump can win the presidential race next year despite myriad legal issues that he faces," it added.

Cloaked in mystery

“She’s the most obviously unknowable first lady,” author and journalist Kate Anderson Brower told the Times.

“There’s something radical about it,” Brower said. “First ladies are expected to want to please people, and I’m not sure she really cares.”

Despite her mysterious seclusion from the media, the former first lady continues to support her husband as he pursues a win for president in 2024.

Her role stood in stark contrast with current First Lady Jill Biden who has often been referred to as "nurse" Jill due to her need to care for the president as he struggles with gaffes, falls and other issues.

The report about Melania Trump must also be noted that it originally comes from a New York Times report, an outlet known for its anti-Trump bias that may not show the full picture of the former first lady's perspective.

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