Melania Trump said to remain protective of son as he enters spotlight

 May 16, 2024

Barron Trump recently turned 18 years old, and with that milestone, public interest in what comes next in his life has captured the public's interest.

As the former first son prepares to graduate from high school and take the next step in his educational journey, insiders have suggested that his mother, Melania Trump, is urging him to remain in the protective bubble of Mar-a-Lago, even if just for a little while longer, as the Daily Mail reports.

“Little Melania”

The former first lady has long been known for her private persona and the great lengths to which she has gone to shield her son from the harsh media spotlight, and at no time has that been more apparent than in recent weeks, when she has remained in Florida as her husband has been stuck in a Manhattan courtroom for his New York criminal trial.

Barron Trump, it seems, has historically adopted a similar approach to that of his mother, though it is an open question as to whether that pattern will continue.

A source close to the Trump family explained the situation to the Mail by observing of Barron, “He's so regal. He's a little Melania,” which may sound like a somewhat curious way to describe a young man who stands 6'7” tall.

Half in, half out?

Though Melania Trump has made an effort to engage with her husband's current presidential campaign only when absolutely necessary and seemed to want the same approach for her son, it appeared late last year that Barron was slowly, but surely, dipping his toe in political waters.

During the holiday season back in December, Barron Trump was seen in publicly released photos taken at a Mar-a-Lago event, something Mrs. Trump had historically prevented.

That suggested to some that she was, in essence, green lighting a more visible role for her son in his father's quest to return to the White House.

That sentiment came to the forefront again recently, when it was announced that Barron had been chosen as a Florida delegate to the Republican National Convention, though Mrs. Trump's office swiftly indicated that her son would decline the opportunity due to previously scheduled commitments.

Even so, Barron has been seen mingling with high-profile visitors to Mar-a-Lago in recent months, and reports suggest that not only is he interested in politics, but he is also a knowledgeable, competent participant in discussions that take place among supporters of his father's campaign.

What comes next?

Barron Trump is set to graduate from Oxbridge Academy in Florida on Friday, and though no formal announcement has been made about the next phase of his life, speculation about his plans has been rife.

Though former President Trump has hinted in the past that Barron was considering attending the University of Pennsylvania, the alma mater of not only his father but of several other family members, New York University was also said to be in the running, as the Mail noted separately.

However, just last week, Donald Trump stated that his youngest child had started “looking at some colleges that are different than they were two months ago.”

Though Barron's final choice remains to be seen, given the close relationship and similar philosophy he seems to share with his mother, it seems likely that his forays onto the public stage will be carefully chosen and deliberately executed -- at least for the time being.

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