Melania Trump scrutinized over hand gesture at fundraiser with husband

 April 8, 2024

Melania Trump is under scrutiny following a rare outing with her husband ahead of this year's presidential election.

Melania's absence from her husband's side has led to speculation of estrangement in the marriage and disinterest in his political affairs.

Some saw proof of this theory Saturday in Melania's body language during a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, where she joined her husband Donald Trump.

The event was a major success for Trump, who raked in a reported $50 million, doubling rival Joe Biden's haul at his splashy New York fundraiser with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Melania hand gesture under scrutiny

Melania's severe facial expression was mocked by Trump haters online, and some zeroed in on an apparent delay in taking her husband's hand as evidence of disgust.

President Trump, embracing the spotlight with his usual charismatic warmth, touted the fundraiser as an "incredible evening" as he and Melania made their grand entrance.

But the former First Lady seemed to keep her hands in her pockets and, in the eyes of some, looked like she would rather have been anywhere else.

"On arrival, Melania's expression is looking rather fierce and as Donald holds his hand out to clasp hers in an emphatic 'announcement' gesture," body language expert Judi James told Daily Express.

"Melania's hand appears to be coming out of her pocket in a delayed response suggesting she was either not expecting the hand-hold that ensued or maybe preferring to avoid it."

Trump shares video tribute

Famously reserved, Melania has long been portrayed in the press as a reluctant wife and first lady, although insiders say she is fiercely protective of her husband and shares his mistrust of the media.

Donald Trump appeared to respond to the fresh scrutiny of his wife with a video tribute to their marriage on Truth Social, featuring the song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship.

Saturday's fundraiser was Melania's first appearance on the campaign trail since she joined Donald for Florida's presidential primary and told reporters to "stay tuned" about her next moves.

Melania will host an April 20 fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago for the Log Cabin Republicans, a Republican LGBT group that has endorsed her husband in the past.

While critics analyze Melania's every move, it seems clear that she will be joining Donald more often in the coming months.

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