Melanie Trump said to be focused on her family as husband's legal troubles grow

 August 29, 2023

Former President Donald Trump made headlines late last week when he posed for a mug shot at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

The image quickly became a viral sensation and even appeared on official Trump campaign merchandise. Yet while the former president's image is nearly ubiquitous, his wife appears to have gone into hiding.  

Source claims Melania Trump is focused on her family

In an article published on Monday, People magazine contributor Linda Marx noted that former First Lady Melania Trump has been keeping a low profile since her husband left office nearly three years ago.

Marx cited an unnamed source in Mrs. Trump's social circle who said the former first lady "is good at taking care of business at hand which includes her own life, the life of her son, and the lives of her close family members."

"She would not stand in a circle of people she knows and openly comment on the lawsuits or the mug shot," the source continued, adding, "She will have her way of dealing with this and anything else publicly when she feels like it."

Mrs. Trump reportedly accepts that her husband will "be the center of attention"

"Remember Melania is a mom with a not-yet-adult son to protect. A mug shot that everyone is talking about is just one more issue to wade through," the source added.

However, the source also stressed that Mrs. Trump accepts that being in the spotlight is a natural part of being with her husband.

"She also knows he loves to be the center of attention whether the subject is good or bad. He has been this way since the day she met him," the source stressed.

The Daily Mail reported in June that former President Trump offered some insights into how his wife regards his legal challenges.

Former president says wife is "a very confident person"

"The people love Melania," Fox News host Bret Baier. "She's a very confident person. She feels I'm being very badly mistreated. And she says, 'You go ahead and you do whatever you want to do because I'm with you 100%.'"

Breitbart reported that Trump expressed similar sentiments during an earlier interview with former advisor Roger Stone.

He hailed his wife as "a terrific person" and "a very beautiful person" while recalling how she enjoyed a "very successful" career as a fashion model which made her a "very confident person."

"In a very low-key way, she doesn’t care that much. She’s got an attitude that’s amazing," the former president continued. "She’s got a tremendous heart but she takes things for what they are and she’s just a very confident person."

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