'Men in Black' actor Sergio Calderon dies at 77

 June 2, 2023

Sergio Calderon, known for his acting roles in "Men in Black" and other films, has died at the age of 77.

His death was announced Wednesday from a Los Angeles hospital due to natural causes.

His career

"Calderón played Alfonso, one of the Hondurans, in the Arthur Hiller comedy The In-Laws (1979) — it was the role that got him his SAG card — and fans of the original Men in Black (1997) know him as the 'head on a stick' held by an extraterrestrial 'illegal alien' attempting to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border in the Barry Sonnenfeld film," the Hollywood Reporter noted.

"Later, Calderón was the Spanish pirate lord Capt. Vallenueva in Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End (2007)," it added.

His background

"Calderón was born in Mexico, where attended the Instituto Andrés Soler of the Asociación Nacional de Actores," Variety wrote.

"While he was working as an English teacher, he broke into the film industry with a role in 'The Bridge in the Jungle' which starred John Huston. In 'Under the Volcano,' directed by Huston, he played one of the murderers," it added.

"The late actor shared several shots from his time on set via social media, including photos of himself alongside the franchise's star, Johnny Depp, as well as rock star Keith Richards, who played the Pirate Lord of Madagascar and Depp’s father in the film," Entertainment Today reported.

"Also a fixture in Men In Black, Calderón played José in the 1997 film, the character whose head is displayed on the end of a sword to Tommy Lee Jones' K, another shot which he proudly displayed on social media," it continued.

Calderon's career stretched across six decades in a variety of films loved by moviegoers in America and beyond.

His unique flair and outgoing personality offered a great supporting role in numerous movies, with his roles as both a pirate and in "Men in Black" among those best known.

Calderon's loss will be mourned by many in the film industry who knew him, along with a wide variety of fans from over the years who saw him on the big screen in the past and will continue to watch his acting for years into the future.

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