Mia Goth reportedly sued over kicking movie extra in the head

 January 15, 2024

Mia Goth, the renowned actress, along with director Ti West and A24, is facing a lawsuit from an unnamed background extra on the set of the upcoming film "MaXXXine."

According to court documents reported by TMZ, the extra alleges that Goth purposely kicked him in the head during production.

The incident

The background actor, who remains unnamed, claims in the lawsuit that after the alleged intentional kick, Goth "taunted, mocked, and belittled" him and then challenged him to take action, as per the court documents cited by TMZ.

The actor is seeking no less than $500,000 in damages, citing wrongful termination of his position and battery, along with punitive damages.

The actor alleges that his role in the series required him to lie prone in the dirt, playing dead for several hours while wearing a robe and soaked in fake blood.

The injuries

Goth, portraying the character Maxine, was supposed to run past him, step over his body, pause briefly, and then continue running.

While a few takes reportedly went according to plan, the actor claims that in one run-through, Goth deviated from the script.

Allegedly, she "intentionally kicked" his head with her boot, causing considerable pain, stiffness in the neck, and later diagnosed concussion, according to the court documents.

"He reportedly said doctors later informed him he had suffered a concussion due to the alleged incident, according to the documents," the Daily Caller reported.

"The actor asserted he was not given any medical assistance at the project’s set, the documents revealed, the outlet reported. He reportedly said he suffered headaches during his commute home and 'nearly passed out twice' along the way, according to the documents," it added.

The lawsuit

The actor asserts that he received no medical assistance on the set and experienced headaches during his commute home, almost passing out twice.

Despite the reported suffering, he claims to have been stripped of his position in the production, as mentioned in the documents obtained by TMZ.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the lawsuit draws attention to the dangers of film production that have been highlighted more frequently following the death of an actress on the set of "Rust" with Alec Baldwin when a gun reportedly accidentally discharged a real bullet during filming. The latest incident shows a variety of other dangers also exist, with the high-profile lawsuit bringing unwanted attention to the film's development.

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