Miami Mayor Francis Suarez 'transparent' about his desire to be Trump's VP pick

 March 14, 2024

Former President Donald Trump all but secured his party's nomination earlier this month, a fact which has led to widespread speculation over who his vice presidential pick will be.

However, one figure who has gotten relatively little attention believes that choosing him would leave Democrats stunned. 

Suarez says he has been "very transparent" about vice presidential ambitions

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) expressed that opinion during a Thursday appearance on Politico's "Power Play" podcast.

"There's a possibility that if the former president is elected, and I just endorsed him a few weeks ago, of potentially working in his government depending on what the position would be," Suarez said to host Anne McElvoy.

"Whatever I do, it's got to be something that for me, allows me to really focus on a mission," the mayor of Florida's largest city explained.

However, Suarez told McElvoy that he has been "very transparent" about his vice presidential ambitions, remarking, "I think that most people...if they didn't tell you that they would be honored to be the vice president, they're probably not telling you the truth."

Mayor points to border crisis as reason to back Trump

"And in this particular case more than any, because it's a one-term presidency no matter what, that person would have at least a credible opportunity to run for president in the upcoming election," he continued.

When McElvoy pointed out that Suarez did not vote for Trump in 2020, the mayor explained that President Joe Biden's failure to control illegal immigration is part of what caused him to reconsider his options.

"It’s clear to all Americans that the border is not secure, creating a massive human trafficking problem at our border," the mayor declared.

"That’s creating a tremendous amount of influx of illegal drugs and it’s creating problems throughout the country," he stressed.

Trump has cited Tim Scott and Kristi Noem as possible VP picks

For his part, Trump laid out his biggest criteria for choosing a vice presidential candidate during a February interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

"Always, it's got to be who is going to be a good president. Obviously, you always have to think that because in case of emergency. Things happen, right? No matter who you are, things happen. That's got to be number one," Trump said.

The former president assured Bartiromo that he has "a lot of good people" in mind as well as "a lot of good ideas" about who he should select.

When pressed for examples, Trump pointed to South Carolina Republican Tim Scott and South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem.

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