Michael Avenatti may testify on behalf of Trump

 April 21, 2024

It appears that Michael Avenatti - the disgraced attorney who used to be a major player in the left's anti-Trump narrative - may testify in the ongoing trial of former President Donald Trump. 

In fact, in an unexpected twist, it appears that Avenatti may testify on Trump's behalf.

The New York Post reports that Avenatti has been in contact with Trump's legal team about the possibility of being one of their witnesses.

The Post learned this directly from Avenatti, who gave the Post an interview from prison. He is currently serving a 19-year sentence for a wide range of crimes, including extortion, tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, and others.

"I'd be more than happy to testify"

Avenatti told the Post that Trump's team of lawyers has been in contact with him. This has also been confirmed by Trump's people.

Avenatti went on to tell the Post that he'd "be more than happy to testify" in the case, adding, "I don’t know that I will be called to testify, but I have been in touch with Trump’s defense for the better part of year."

It is not exactly clear what Avenatti would be called to testify about. But, it has to be remembered that he used to be the lawyer of adult film star Stormy Daniels, and the case that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) has brought against Trump centers around Daniels.

Bragg claims that Trump criminally misrepresented an alleged "hush money" payment that he gave to Daniels in order to prevent an alleged affair that they had from coming out amid the 2016 presidential election.

Trump has denied all of this, and he insists that Bragg is merely running election interference for President Joe Biden.

Avenatti's change of tune

As mentioned earlier, Avenatti used to be one of Trump's harshest critics. He used to appear on mainstream media all of the time merely to bash Trump.

Now, however, Avenatti has sort of aligned himself with Trump.

He, for example, told the Post: 

There’s no question [the trial] is politically motivated because they’re concerned that he may be reelected. If the defendant was anyone other than Donald Trump, this case would not have been brought at this time, and for the government to attempt to bring this case and convict him in an effort to prevent tens of millions of people from voting for him, I think it’s just flat out wrong, and atrocious.

Trump recently thanked Avenatti on social media, writing, "Thank you to Michael Avenatti—for revealing the truth about two sleaze bags who have, with their lies and misrepresentations, cost our Country dearly!"

Trump, by "sleaze bags," was referring to Daniels and Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer who is another one of Bragg's so-called star witnesses.

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