Michael Avenatti: Stormy Daniels committed same crime Trump accused of

 May 8, 2024

This week saw Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg call adult film star Stormy Daniels to testify against former President Donald Trump.

The move could ultimately backfire, however, as Daniels is now accused of committing the same offense Trump has been charged with. 

Former lawyer says Daniels was paid for documentary

According to Breitbart, the allegation is coming from Michael Avenatti, who served as Daniels' attorney before being sentenced to 14 years in prison for tax evasion and stealing from clients.

He released a statement on Tuesday in which referenced the 2024 documentary "Stormy," a film which was directed by Sarah Gibson and focused on Daniels.

"Ms. Gibson told me that Daniels was being paid for the documentary, but that because she owed Trump hundreds of thousands of dollars from a judgment Trump was trying to collect from Daniels, they – Daniels, Gibson and others – had come up with a plan that would allow Daniels to be secretly paid, while at the same time keeping the payment(s) from Trump and his attorneys," Avenatti wrote.

Avenatti wonders when Daniels will be charged

He recalled how Gibson "told me that they had fictionally 'optioned' the rights to Daniels’ book and then routed the money Daniels demanded through a fabricated ‘trust’ that had been set-up in the name of Daniels’ daughter – all to hide the money from Trump and avoid paying the judgment."

Avenatti asserted that if Gibson's claims are true, then they amount to her admitting, "multiple overt criminal acts" on both the state and federal level.

These include wire fraud, fraudulent transfers, and falsification of business records--the very crime for which Trump is currently on trial.

This led Avenatti to wonder if "Bragg or others [will] be promptly filing criminal charges against Daniels or others involved in this scheme?"

Judge declines mistrial request

Meanwhile, Daniels was also in the headlines this week after graphic sexual remarks she made on the witness stand prompted Trump's attorneys to seek a mistrial.

As Fox News reported, defense lawyer Todd Blanche complained that Daniels' testimony about "consent and danger" was "not the story that she was selling in 2016."

For his part, Trump put up a post on Truth Social which read, "THE PROSECUTION, WHICH HAS NO CASE, HAS GONE TOO FAR. MISTRIAL!"

While Judge Juan Merchan denied the mistrial request, he did "agree that it would have been better if some of these things had been left unsaid."

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