Michael Cohen Wanted to be Chief of Staff

 May 15, 2024

According to Politico.com, after the 2016 Election, there was somebody who was expecting to be offered a pretty important role in the White House: Michael Cohen. Instead, Cohen was offered a lesser role.

Incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus offered Michael Cohen the position of assistant White House counsel in Donald Trump's administration, a move that Michael Cohen said was insulting.

In a move Cohen admits was "solely about ego," instead of being pumped up about the position he WAS offered, Cohen was more offended about not being considered for the position of Chief of Staff.

Cohen wanted to figure out how to carve out a bigger role for himself under Donald Trump, so Cohen pitched to the president the idea of Cohen being the "personal attorney to the president" for Donald Trump.

Cohen's testimony

Michael Cohen claims he pitched the idea to Trump for at least an hour, with the help of another attorney.

Not being content there, Cohen admitted that he "wanted to be a consultant to help businesses navigate the Trump presidency."

Cohen claimed the reasoning for this was to "allow himself to remain in New York but continue to work on ongoing matters and protect Trump."

It never happened.

The end result of all of this was that Donald Trump would serve four years as America's president, and Michael Cohen would never hold a position in the Trump administration during that time.

It's fair to say that Michael Cohen might have had a few personal grudges against the president, which may be why liberals targeted Trump's former "fixer" to be a fixture of their prosecution.

Not helpful

As we've seen so far though, Michael Cohen does not appear to be helping Democrats take down Trump. Instead, Cohen is revealing himself to be the cause of many of the problems liberals are trying to pin on Donald Trump.

There's even a joke going around right now that Cohen was only ever called "Mr. Fix-It" because they needed somebody to repair the things that Cohen himself broke in the first place.

The one theme throughout this is Michael Cohen's ego.

It's clear that Michael Cohen wants to be perceived as being more important than he really is, and he doesn't care how he gains that fame.

A few years ago, he wanted to ride Donald Trump's coattails to stardom. After it didn't work out, Cohen decided to turn on Trump in 2024 and try to portray Donald as the bad guy.

Unfortunately for Cohen, America isn't buying it.

We know the truth by now.

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