Michael Cohen's erratic behavior creates problems for Trump prosecution

 May 2, 2024

The jury in Alvin Bragg's prosecution of Donald Trump has yet to hear from the star witness, but it's possible he has already compromised the case with his erratic behavior. 

Michael Cohen has been very vocal about the case on social media and has even made money off it on TikTok, ABC News reported.

Cohen is Trump's alleged partner in what the prosecution describes as a criminal scheme to silence Stormy Daniels. The porn star has claimed she had an affair with Trump, something he has long denied.

Bragg's problem witness

While Cohen has yet to take the stand, the prosecution's own witnesses have painted an unflattering picture, describing him as a "jerk" who was difficult to work with and prone to creating drama.

Keith Davidson, the Stormy Daniels lawyer who negotiated a $130,000 "hush money" payment, said he believed Cohen wanted to commit suicide when he did not get a job in the Trump administration.

Out of court, Cohen has given the defense plenty of material with a flood of emotional commentary on the case, the witnesses, and Trump, whom he has attacked in vulgar language.

Most concerning, Cohen has accepted donations from TikTok viewers during marathon live streams, which Cohen has used as therapy sessions to vent about his former boss.

"Trump 2024?" he said in one stream. "More like Trump 20-24 years."

Case compromised?

Cohen seemed to have a change of heart last week, telling his online following he would take a break from commenting until he testifies.

"See you in a month (or more)," he wrote on X.

Hours later, Cohen was back on TikTok ranting about Trump.

"If I'm the prosecution, I'm on the phone right now saying, 'Stop what you are doing -- right now,'" Jeremy Saland, a defense lawyer who formerly worked in the Manhattan DA's office, told ABC.

"I have no doubt that Team Trump is scrutinizing and listening and watching whatever they can, and they are rightfully going to weaponize it in a court of law to tear down his credibility," Saland said.

Trump has been fined $9,000 for violating a gag order that bars him from commenting on witnesses including Cohen. Many say the order unfairly tips the scales of justice against Trump.

With the way things are going, Bragg probably wishes Cohen was gagged, too.

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