Michelle Obama launches summer voter registration drive

 May 29, 2024

Michelle Obama is stepping up her efforts to re-elect Joe Biden, even as speculation persists that the 81-year-old Democratic president will be replaced as his party's nominee.

When We All Vote, a group founded by Michelle Obama, is launching a "Culture of Democracy" tour to promote its goal of registering 500,000 new voters.

Michelle Obama's new push

The tour seeks to tap popular culture to recruit new Democratic voters and boasts over 200 partners in sports, entertainment, and corporate America including Lyft, the Los Angeles Lakers, and BET.

The tour will kick off this weekend in Philadelphia with the Roots Picnic, a two-day hip hop festival headlined by The Roots and rapper Lil Wayne.

Drag Out The Vote, an LGBT Group, will push to register voters in June, known as Pride Month in the progressive liturgical calendar.

When We All Vote is also planning a "My School Votes" drive targeting high school seniors in August and a "Juneteenth Weekend of Action" from June 19-23, among other efforts.

"Democracy" group supports Democrats

When We All Vote has announced a goal of driving 5 million voters to the polls this year and registering at least half a million new voters, "especially Black, Brown and young voters whose voices are critical to democracy."

The group has a mission "to change the culture around voting and to increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the race and age gap."

Despite the vague "non-partisan" jargon, the group's website boasts that 71 percent of voters registered by When We All Vote in 2020 were young people and people of color, demographics that favor Democrats.

The organization shared a tribute to George Floyd on the fourth anniversary of his death that denounced "police brutality."

Biden vulnerable

Democrats are anxious about Biden's re-election odds, citing polls that show Donald Trump gaining momentum five months out from the election.

Biden has splashy fundraisers planned in June with the Clintons and Barack Obama, as he seeks to maintain a narrowing fundraising advantage over Trump.

Michelle Obama has rejected rumors that she will run for president, but it's clear that she will play a significant role in another highly coordinated effort to force Biden past the finish line.

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