Michelle Obama makes jokes about marrying Barack for annual Hawaii holiday trips

 December 18, 2022

Former First Lady Michelle Obama discussed spending Christmas in Hawaii with former President Barack Obama and kids Malia and Sasha on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Thursday. 

According to Hawaii News Now, Michelle Obama told Clarkson “That’s where his family is. And because it’s so far away, it’s really the time we get to spend with them, so it’s become a tradition.”

Obama's response was perfect when Clarkson revealed she herself loved Hawaii: “I do, too. That was half the reason why I said ‘yes,’” Obama said, laughing.


Beach excursions, golf outings, and stops at neighborhood eateries and shave ice stands are frequent parts of the Obamas' holidays.

The history of the Obamas in Hawaii was in the news earlier in the week when Michelle Obama shared that she had hopes for her first trip to Hawaii with then-boyfriend Barack Obama, but all of those hopes were dashed by the future president.

The former first lady revealed to Jimmy Kimmel on Monday that she was dreading another Chicago winter as a second-year law associate when Obama offered her to spend Christmas in Hawaii with his grandparents, "Toot" (Madelyn Dunham) and "Gramps" (Stanley Dunham).

Despite never having there, she had watched the enduring "Brady Bunch" episodes there while she imagined cocktails and leisurely beach walks, as well as leis and hula dancing.

But the truth turned out to be completely different. “I don’t see a beach anywhere. I don’t see Greg Brady. I see nothing that I was expecting,” the author of "Becoming" recalled.

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She claimed that she immediately adapted to Toot and Gramps' schedule. On TV trays, they consumed tuna and sweet pickle sandwiches on consecutive days. On the third day, they completed jigsaw puzzles and watched "60 Minutes."

According to her account, all she kept thinking was, “Dude, where’s the romantic stuff?” she said. Until she had an epiphany.

“I thought romance and love was mai tais and sunsets on the beach but Barack was showing me that family was important, that he showed up for his family and he continued to show up for our family in the same way,” Obama said.

Her narrative was based on a chapter in her most recent book, "The Light We Carry," titled "Partnering Well."

See what Michelle had to say about her husband's acquaintances, or "old stoner friends from the neighborhood," as Kimmel put it, who come to stay when the Obamas go on their yearly Christmas vacation.

The Obamas have stayed in the spotlight since leaving the White House six years ago, including book deals, speaking engagements and a number of appearances on multiple platforms nationwide.

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