Michelle Obama promotes food company amid 2024 speculation

 May 4, 2023

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was back in the spotlight this week as she promoted a new company that markets food to children.

Her husband was nowhere to be found, however, a fact which could fuel mounting suspicions that Obama is planning to take center stage. 

Obama unveils children's food company

According to NPR, Obama attended the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival on Wednesday where she touted PLEZi Nutrition, a company that she helped found.

"I believe there is a way to build a successful company and do right by our kids," the former first lady was quoted as saying.

"I'm putting some skin in the game to put this theory to the test. I've learned that on this issue, if you want to change the game, you can't just work from the outside," she continued.

Former first lady recalls past efforts to promote healthy eating

"You've got to get inside," Obama insisted. "You've got to find ways to change the food and beverage industry itself," the former first lady said.

PLEZi Nutrition purports to offer a line of low-sugar, nutrient-dense drinks made from a fruit-juice that are geared towards kids.

The company's website contains a statement from Obama that links its products to her previous efforts aimed at convincing food companies and restaurant chains to create healthier products.

"I've dedicated so much of my life to helping kids and families lead healthier lives. As First Lady, I built my Let's Move! initiative to rally every sector of society towards this goal," Obama declared.

She stressed that her company is "hoping not just to provide healthy and delicious drinks and snacks for kids, but to jumpstart a race to the top that will transform the entire food industry."

Some observers think Democrats may turn to Obama in 2024

Still some political observers suspect that Obama could have a future that goes well beyond children's food products, pointing to President Joe Biden's low approval numbers as evidence that she would be a better nominee in 2024.

A February report from Politico pointed to unnamed "high-level Democrats" who are expressing uncertainty over who should lead their party next year.

Meanwhile, Fox News cited former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon as saying that Democrats may turn to "a past superstar" like Obama as an alternative.

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