Michelle Obama 'silent' on Hamas attack

December 4, 2023

Michelle Obama ignored a request to condemn Hamas' brutal rape and slaughter of Israeli women. 

May Golan, Israel's Minister of Women, said she asked the former First Lady - a self-described advocate for women and girls - to issue a statement, but was met with "silence."

"She said nothing? She said nothing," Israeli TV host Eral Segal said.

"Not a word. And we approached her, I tell you," Golan said.

Michelle O's silence....

Golan said she sent Obama a detailed description of the barbaric acts perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli women who were raped and mutilated during the October 7 assault.

"I sent her a description, in authentic, sworn testimony, by people who told about the collection of severed female organs from women who had been raped, on broken pelvises," she said.

Golan compared Obama's quiet response to her vocal reaction to the kidnapping of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram. At the time, Obama raised awareness with the hashtag "BringBackOurGirls."

Golan said that since Obama is no longer in a political position, there is no reason for her to hold her tongue.

"We know that the request has been received. She is not in a political position, she can certainly respond. Silence from her, from all the other female celebrities."

Blaming the victim

It appears Michelle is on the same page as her husband Barack Obama, who was slammed for saying "nobody's hands are clean" in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Some took the comment as a suggestion that Israel had provoked the brutal October 7 attack.

Hamas slaughtered 1,200 Israelis, including women, children and elderly, and took many others captive in the assault. Thousands of Palestinians have since died in Israel's military effort to wipe out Hamas.

Republicans have broadly pointed to President Biden's continuation of Obama's policy of appeasement toward Iran as a factor in the Hamas assault.

Despite her prolific social media use, Michelle Obama does not appear to have posted any statements about the attack yet.

However, she did make a comment at a public event on the slaughter of Israelis at a music festival.

"I can say that, as a mother, I cannot wrap my arms around how people must be feeling," she told a crowd in New York. "I can't get the images of those young people who were gunned down attending a music festival because those kids were the age of my daughters," she said.

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