Michelle Obama sports unexpected dress in night out with former president

 August 31, 2023

Former First Lady Michelle Obama surprised onlookers during a recent outing with former President Barack Obama with an unexpected outfit.

Michelle Obama appeared at the US Open with her husband in a strapless denim dress that stood out in the crowd.

The style

"During the outing, she wore a strapless denim dress with bold bodice seaming (not something you'd normally see on a court, that's for sure) paired with a super-cropped black cardigan and summer-appropriate espadrilles," according to InStyle.

"At one point, she put on a pair of very on-theme tennis-ball-lensed novelty sunglasses, but aside from that moment of fun, she kept her accessories simple with a stack of bracelets. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail for the night, and for his part, Barack wore a white shirt and dark pants," it added.

The US Open

The Obamas saw Coco Gauff during her first-round victory on Monday where they met the tennis star.

“I wasn’t sure they were here or not. I saw the Secret Service. I didn’t know if it was Mr. Biden and Mrs. Biden. I knew it was somebody. Then I heard that maybe Mr. Clinton was coming. I didn’t know who exactly it was. So I didn’t know until after the match,” Gauff said.

“I didn’t see them in the presidential box,” Gauff said about the Obamas. “I was obviously looking at that, but they weren’t, I guess, in my eyeline. But afterward, they told me they wanted to say hi.”

Michelle Obama speaks

“It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to join you in celebrating 50 years of equal prize money at the U.S. Open and to honor the woman who helped make it all possible, my friend, Billie Jean King,” Obama said during a speech at the US Open in New York.

“This is about how women are seen and valued in this world. Sadly, we have seen how quickly progress like this can be taken away if we are not mindful and vigilant, if we do not keep remembering, and advocating, and organizing, and speaking out — and yes — voting,” she noted.

The event quickly became political with the voting push but many also noticed the former first lady's outfit more than her speech.

The internet is now talking about her clothing despite the emphasis on voting and women's rights as the Obamas continue to remain involved in culture and politics.

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