Michelle Obama surprises students at Washington-area college event

 May 1, 2024

For months, some observers have speculated over whether former First Lady Michelle Obama might launch a surprise White House run.

However, Mrs. Obama caused a very different surprise for some Washington-area students this week when she was spotted at a college event.

"There has been nothing normal about this journey"

According to The Hill, Mrs. Obama made an appearance at the Capital One Arena on Tuesday to celebrate College Signing Day.

"Look, on a day when so much is about looking ahead, I just want to take a little moment to look back with you all," she told a group of high school students from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

"Because I know it has been a long, hard road for all of you to make it to this day … and [there] has been nothing normal about this journey, especially that your class has been through," Mrs. Obama continued.

Former first lady touts Reach Higher initiative

The former first lady went on to praise the youth for having "pushed through" and "buckled down" in their studies despite having been kept away from school due to COVID restrictions.

"Now, I know that even on a day like this … maybe some of you are feeling some trepidation, some nerves about what’s to come … especially if you are a first-generation college student like I was," she said before advising them to have confidence.

Mrs. Obama also recalled her Reach Higher initiative, a program she unveiled a decade ago which encouraged high school students to pursue college.

"My goal then was to make sure that every student realized the importance of getting their education beyond high school and to ensure that everyone had the resources, information, and the tools to make that happen," she explained.

"But, more importantly, I wanted students to know that higher education wasn’t just for the privileged few, for the kids with connections and money who were expected to fill those seats on college campuses," Mrs. Obama added.

Poll shows Trump beating Mrs. Obama

Talk of the former first lady running for president has cooled in recent weeks, which may be due to a poll commissioned by the Daily Mail and carried out by J.L.Partners.

It found that Mrs. Obama would lose in a head-to-head match up with former President Donald Trump, garnering 44% of the vote compared with his 47%.

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