Michelle Obama Wins Second Grammy

 February 6, 2024

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just claimed the title.

She is now a two-time Grammy winner for “Best Audiobook, Narration, and Storytelling Recording.”

Michelle Obama won her first Grammy back in 2020.

Her book “The Light We Carry” took home the prize at the 2024 Grammys.

“These are the things I say to myself when I need to pick myself up,” Michelle Obama said to People magazine.

It would not be a Michelle Obama interview if she didn’t find a way to victimize herself.

“This is how I stay visible in a world that doesn’t necessarily see a tall Black woman. This is how I stay armoured up when I’m attacked. The book is that offering,” Michelle Obama continued.

What really takes the cake here is that she sent someone to accept the award on her behalf.

If staying “visible” is so important to Michelle Obama, you would think she would have shown up to take home her Grammy!

It is hard to wonder, though, why did Michelle Obama decline to accept the award herself?

Could it be because she was too busy putting together a presidential campaign? With suspicions growing that Michelle Obama may participate in a last minute run for the White House, we do find it odd.

She has been dropping statements that seem presidential in nature.

In a recent interview on the podcast called “On Purpose,” Michelle Obama spilled her thoughts on the upcoming election.

The former First lady said she is “terrified about what could possibly happen” with the 2024 election.

“Because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit — it affects us in ways that sometimes I think people take for granted,” Michelle Obama continued.

She did not stop there.

“The fact that people think that government, does it really even do anything? And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, does government do everything for us.’ And we cannot take this democracy for granted. And sometimes I worry that we do,” she continued in the “On Purpose” interview.

With statements like those, it is hard not to draw the conclusion that Michelle Obama may seriously be considering a presidential run.

Do you think her decision to avoid the 2024 Grammys had anything to do with a possible campaign in the near future?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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