Michelle Obama's worst-dressed moments: Report

 December 24, 2023

First Lady Melania Trump was nothing less than a fashion icon. That was her profession, after all, prior to moving into the White House with former President Donald Trump.

Other first ladies, not so much. Former First Lady Michelle Obama was the exact opposite of a fashion icon, most of the time, as many of her outfits drew unwanted attention.

Of course, several major fashion outlets and her loyal followers thought she could do no wrong when she donned her unique outfits.

But that wasn't always the case, as even the left-leaning Nicki Swift pointed out several of Michelle Obama's worst-dressed moments.

Terrible outfits

The outlet first had to praise Michelle Obama, pointing out a Vogue quote that named her "one of the most stylish first ladies in history."

It also noted several other dresses and outfits that apparently wowed her fans. That was obligatory praise before the outlet pointed out several instances when Michelle Obama's wardrobe was not exactly eye-catching for the right reasons.

Nicki Swift noted:

However, even Michelle has been caught in some eyebrow-raising outfits. Sure, she has never caused outrage by donning a controversial "I really don't care, do U?" jacket to visit a child migrant camp.

Still, she has taken some fashion risks. Michelle brought the '80s back during her book tour for "The Light We Carry" in 2022. She channeled her inner Timberlake-Spears in a double denim ensemble by Ganni, a Copehagen-based label Grazia described as a hybrid high street and high-end label. Critics were divided over whether it was a fashion hit or miss.

The outlet noted her choice of clothing during the Wall Street Journal's Festival of Everything at Spring Studios in New York City in May 2023. The theme of her speech was how we might all dress in the future. But it was a total bomb.

In another instance from this year, Michelle Obama was criticized for sporting "double denim."

Another infamous outfit sported by the former first lady came on Election Day 2022. She was torched for the bizarre outfit she wore to the ballot box, described as her looking "like she'd jumped out of bed and put on the first thing she saw when she posted a throwback of herself headed to the ballot box in October 2022."

There's more

Another 2023 fashion incident came when Michelle Obama posted a picture of her and her husband Barack Obama, celebrating their wedding anniversary.

"She wore a cotton knit zig-zag patterned dress in lilac and black with an accompanying tie top in gray. The outfit screamed Moschino in style but Century 21 in design," the outlet wrote.

Clearly, Michelle Obama's wardrobe team an overall sense of style pale in comparison to that of Melania Trump.

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