Michigan GOP In Turmoil

 January 4, 2024

Michigan Republican Chairwoman Kristina Karamo may be facing a removal from her role after eight of her state’s congressional district chairs signed a letter calling for her dismissal.

"You were chosen as chairwoman because the majority of the Republican delegates strongly respected your commitment to a new era of transparency, honesty and meaningful involvement on the part of the State Committee. Regrettably, these policies no longer seem to be a priority in your administration and the Party's financial stability is quickly deteriorating," the letter wrote.

Karamo has hinted that she may not honor the results of any vote taken to remove her because she doesn’t believe party bylaws were followed.

"I find interesting that there are reports of a meeting to remove me, without individuals first verifying with the party is in fact an actual Michigan Republican Party State Committee meeting,” said Karamo to Newsweek.

She didn’t stop there

"Our bylaws are very clear about the proper procedures to change party bylaws, call meetings, and remove committee members. These individuals have not followed the MIGOP bylaws to call a meeting, change bylaws, or remove any member, they have zero legal authority to conduct business regarding the Michigan Republican Party or its State Committee," Karamo said.

At this time, we do not know if Karamo received enough votes to be removed from her chair.

Michigan Republican state committee member, Bree Moeggenberg, helped set up the very meeting to debate on Karamo’s removal.

Now, Moeggenberg fears the GOP debating too hard about Karamo’s removal could be catastrophic when Election Day roles around.

"When the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party tells those that don't agree with her that they can go pound sand, the party's losing voters. We are currently in a position where we are pushing Republicans away from the party," said Moeggenberg in a recent statement to the Associated Press.

Swing state

This is a legitimate concern considering Michigan is a swing state. Back in 2020, President Joe Biden flipped the state blue.

If we want the Republican Presidential Nominee to reclaim Michigan, we need everyone in the MIGOP firing on all cylinders.

Instead, the drama being experienced now could bleed into the state's ground game leading up to the general election next fall.

How do you think Karamo’s removal should be dealt with?

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