Family and friends raise alarm about Michigan mother who went missing after traveling to NYC for man she met online

 February 12, 2023

A Michigan mother of three children has reportedly gone missing with "no trace" after leaving her home to travel to New York City to get together with a mysterious man she met on a dating website, Fox News reported.

Family and friends of the missing woman, Lynn Kim, are now raising the alarm after she vanished on New Year's Eve and was last heard from by anybody on Jan. 4.

A missing persons report was filed over Kim's sudden disappearance and the local police of Clinton Township, Michigan are said to have opened an investigation.

Missing since New Year's Eve

Local Detroit Fox affiliate WJBK reported that Kim's cousin, Shannon Christian, said, "There is literally no trace, and that’s not her," and is now trying to find her because "No matter what we would always have each other’s back, and we always have for the most part, she has always been there for me."

According to Christian, she and Kim were close until November when Kim met a man on the dating site who allegedly lived in New York City and quickly became obsessed with him to the exclusion of her relationships with her own family, friends, and even children.

"December 31st she took off with some of her stuff, and from what I just found out today, January 4th, was (the last time) any contact was made," the cousin said. She also alleged that the mystery man himself had ominously warned at that time that "You’ll never find her. We’re in California."

Christian added that Kim's children, who are now staying with relatives, were worried and her youngest was having "nightmares," as well as that Kim's mother, an immigrant from South Korea who spoke little English, was also concerned after numerous emails to her daughter received no response. It was also noted that all of Kim's social media accounts showed no recent activity and her phone appeared to be turned off.

Kim was warned not to go

New York's PIX11 reported that Kim's ex-husband, Nicholas Anderson, and his sister, had unsuccessfully attempted to talk Kim out of going to New York City to finally meet the man she had only ever interacted with online and in FaceTime calls on the phone.

"Don’t go to New York and meet some guy you never met," Anderson's sister reportedly told Kim. "They’re going to find you dead somewhere."

The 39-year-old Kim, a pediatric medical assistant who has a 17-year-old daughter and two sons aged 13 and 6, had moved back in with her ex-husband Anderson last summer while he was battling cancer to help care for their children, but everything changed after she met the man who went by the name "Joey."

After packing up her van and leaving on New Year's Eve, Kim "basically fell off the face of the earth," according to a friend named Charlene Gilbert. "She hasn’t paid any of her bills. Her phone is disconnected," the friend said. "There’s no more Lynn."

Gilbert noted that the last time she spoke with Kim was on Jan. 4 and that she could hear "Joey" cursing and yelling in the background. She added that when she had tried to call Kim back later, the man had answered and said, "F— you, you’re never going to find her. We’re in California," after which Kim had reportedly texted "I love you" to her children and then disabled her social media accounts.

Police say little can be done to find the missing mother

PIX11 further reported that while a missing person report had been filed and an investigation opened, the Clinton Township police acknowledged that there was very little that they could do in light of the fact that Kim had left willingly.

The hope of Kim's family and friends now is that raising public awareness about her disappearance might result in information about her whereabouts or even provoke a response from Kim herself -- if she is still alive. In that regard, WJBK noted that Kim's cousin Christian had a message for her: "Lynn if you’re okay, you need to let us know that you are fine," as well as "You are loved."

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