Michigan residents rebuke their Democratic state senators for signing off on a China deal

 April 22, 2023

The Washington Examiner reports that Michigan's Democratic state senators are facing a "heavy backlash" for recently approving a Chinese-backed green energy project. 

The backlash took place at a public hearing that was held this week by the Michigan senate appropriations committee.

The point of the hearing was to give the public the opportunity to voice their opinion about the energy project before the committee holds a vote on whether or not to approve the project.

The hearing saw a high turnout of the public, and the public clearly expressed its opposition to the energy project and its condemnation of Michigan's Democratic state senators for even considering it.


The Daily Mail provides some details about the energy project.

According to the outlet, in October, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) announced that Gotion, a subsidiary of the China-based company Gotion High-Tech, "would invest $2.4 billion to construct two 550,000 square-foot production plants across 260 acres in Michigan."

At the hearing, the state's senate appropriations committee, according to the Daily Mail, was considering whether "to use $175 million in taxpayer funds to build an electric vehicle battery plant - in Big Rapids Township - owned by Chinese tech company Gotion. "

This is what the public was asked to opine about at the recent hearing.

"Gravely disappointed"

Among those to speak at the hearing was Hannah Saez, the clerk for Big Rapids Township, Michigan. Saez said that she is "gravely disappointed" that this item was even on the agenda.

Saez noted that a survey has been conducted that shows that 50% of citizens do not want the plant built. And, Saez blasted "dishonest" local lawmakers for, essentially, falling in line with Whitmer against the wishes of locals.

"Quite frankly, this is not what any of us were elected to do," Saez said. "I'm certain that when taking an oath, giving American dollars to a foreign company that puts our national security at risk was not in question."

Subsequently, several members of the public voiced their concerns.

For example, Cheryl Vitito, a resident of Big Rapids, said:

This CCP-controlled company represents communism and is a threat to our way of life and our God-given and constitutional freedoms. We don't want the CCP here by way of the Gotion plant as they have no regard for the value and dignity of human life.

The concerns fall on deaf ears

Despite the pleas of those in attendance, the committee went ahead and voted in favor of the energy project.

The final vote was 10-9 with all Republicans and three Democrats voting against it.

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