Migrant child dies at government processing facility on Biden's watch

 May 14, 2023

The Biden administration's border policies are already horrifically bad for Americans, and they're also bad for the migrants being held in U.S. custody. 

Newsweek revealed that last week, a migrant child died while in custody at a government-operated processing facility in Florida.

The child died at the Florida-based Office of Refugee Resettlement facility.

The migrant child's unfortunate death was confirmed last week by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Statement released

Biden's HHS released a statement updating the public on the saddening news.

"The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is deeply saddened by this tragic loss and our hearts go out to the family, with whom we are in touch," the HHS statement read.

It added: "As is standard practice for any situation involving the death of an unaccompanied child or a serious health income, HHS' Division of Health for Unaccompanied Children is reviewing all clinical details of this case, including all inpatient health care records. A medical examiner investigation is underway."

"Due to privacy and safety reasons, ORR cannot share further information on individual cases of children who have been in our care," it continued.

News of the child's death sparked intense criticism of the Biden administration's border policies by several politicians.

Social media reacts

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tweeted, "Joe Biden & Alejandro Mayorkas aren’t just causing a crisis at the border… they’re causing death. The death of this child is on them!"

Other users shared the same sentiment, with one Twitter user writing, "Takes a lot of senselessness to advocate for immigration by invasion when the invasion is supporting drug and human trafficking. And that human trafficking includes children."

Another Twitter user added, "We need Joe Biden impeached for this! We need Donald Trump reelected! We need more representatives in congress like the beautiful Lauren Boebert that are going to do something about our border crisis! This is something EVERY American can get behind!"

Many fear that with the end of Title 42 last week, the number of illegals racing to the southern U.S. border will drastically increase. With border cities and towns already overrun and nearing or exceeding maximum capacity to care for them, don't be surprised when migrants are eventually transported to cities and towns all across the country.

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