Mike Johnson blasts Biden for 'abdication of duty' as Brooklyn students are displaced to shelter migrants

 January 11, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) officially put Joe Biden on notice for his "abdication of duty" after a New York high school was evacuated to shelter migrants, sparking nationwide outrage over the border crisis. 

Over 160,000 migrants have poured into New York since 2022, overwhelming public resources and leaving residents furious.

Biden's abdication of duty

James Madison High School in Brooklyn made headlines this week after the building was emptied to shelter 2,000 migrants during a winter storm. The students were told they would switch to remote learning the next day.

Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, downplayed the incident, saying the city showed compassion to the migrants while residents in the area were inconvenienced for "just a few hours."

Adams blamed Johnson and Republicans for the crisis, saying they need to work with Biden to find a solution. Johnson, in a statement to the New York Post, said the blame rests squarely on Biden's shoulders.

“From the president on down to city mayors, support for illegal immigration has trickled down, thereby prioritizing the needs of non-citizens over the needs of our own," Johnson said.

“If Biden and Mayorkas refuse to reverse course and secure the southern border, our students and schools will continue to pay the price for the administration’s abdication of duty,” Johnson added.

Republicans proposed a bill last year that would ban schools that receive federal funding from housing migrants, but Biden threatened to veto it.

With incredible irony, Biden said the bill would "supersede local control" by interfering with the right of non-citizens to seek asylum, "as such noncitizens are permitted to do under the law.”

Republicans move to impeach

Johnson is facing backlash of his own after he agreed to a $1.6 trillion topline spending deal with Democrats that did not include border security measures.

Illegal border crossings hit a new record in December, with 300,000 pouring across.

Republicans moved forward this week with impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas, who conceded that 85% of illegal migrants are being released into the interior of the country.

The crisis has led to tensions between Biden and officials in blue states that are under pressure from the constant influx, as well as border states like Texas, which have felt the brunt of the impact.

Biden's Justice Department has sued Texas after it passed a law allowing state and local authorities to arrest and deport illegals, a job Texas says Biden has refused to do.

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