Mike Pence denies that Trump tried to "pressure" Arizona governor over 2020 vote count

 July 3, 2023

President Donald Trump is facing a number of legal problems, including an investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis into whether he tried to influence the counting of votes in Georgia's 2020 election.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was recently asked whether Trump exerted similar pressure on Arizona officials. Yet in a move sure to enrage Democrats, Pence insisted that the former president is innocent. 

Pence defends phone call to Arizona governor

According to the Daily Caller, that question was raised on Sunday when Pence was interviewed by CBS News' "Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan.

Brennan pointed to a report published this past weekend by the Washington Post about a post-election phone call Pence made to then-Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey.

"There was no pressure at all, Margaret," Pence insisted. "I was calling to get an update, passed along that information to the president. There was no more, no less than that."

"I don’t remember any pressure"

"You are clearly saying you did not pressure the governor," Brennan responded. "But were you being pressured by Mr. Trump to get those— to influence Doug Ducey and did you talk about this with the Special Counsel?"

"No, I don’t remember any pressure," Pence declared. "Look, the president and I— things came to a head at the end, Margaret, I’ve spoken about very openly and the president and I continue to have a strong difference."

"I’ll always believe that by God’s grace, I did my duty under the Constitution that day in presiding over a joint session of Congress in the aftermath of the mayhem and the rioting," he added.

"But in the days of November and December, this was- this was an orderly process. You’ll remember there were more than 60 lawsuits underway, states were engaging in appropriate reviews and that- these contacts were no more than that," Pence stressed.

Pence praises Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action

In addition to addressing questions about the 2020 election, Pence also spoke about the Supreme Court's ruling last week which found that using race when deciding who colleges admit is unconstitutional.

The former vice president told Brennan that he does not believe that America's higher education system is institutionally racist.

"There may have been a time when affirmative action was necessary...but I think that time has passed," he said, adding, "We'll continue to move forward as a colorblind society."

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