Mike Pence's Super PAC launches blitz against Donald Trump

 June 9, 2023

Donald Trump's former right hand man Mike Pence recently announced he will be running against Trump for the Republican nomination last year.

Pence's Super PAC, Committed to America, launched a blitz of ads attacking Donald Trump for his handling of issues ranging from the January 6th protests to abortion and foreign policy.

One of the ads read, "A president begging him to ignore the Constitution. A mob shouting for him to die. And an anxious nation watching for one man to do what’s right. A weak man appeases a mob. A man of courage and character stands up to them. That day, one man failed the test of leadership while another stood tall."

The ad was a major attack on Donald Trump and seeks to portray Mike Pence as the man with more character.

The gloves are off

Mike Pence has been taking veiled shots at Trump for the past year and speculation that he would run only grew as the months went by.

Now with Pence officially running for President in 2024, the gloves are off and Pence is declaring war on his old boss.

The ad attacking Trump read, "Since [Jan. 6], this so-called leader has continued to abandon our conservative principles." The images of articles on Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin and his views on abortion served as examples of Trump's alleged failings.

The ad continued, “Now, with a 'woke' mob trying to take away our freedom, we need a president who won’t flinch, who won’t try to cut deals with our values."

It is a bold move for Pence to try and establish himself as a candidate to the right of Trump while he attacks Trump with arguments handcrafted by the left.

Pence is using January 6th as the foundation of his presidency when most Republicans stand with Trump on the issue. Pence will certainly persuade Democrat voters, but they aren't the ones deciding who gets the nomination next July.

Doomed from the beginning

Mike Pence went on CNN and loudly proclaimed, "The American people deserve to know that on that day, President Trump also demanded that I choose between him and the Constitution. Now, voters will be faced with the same choice. I chose the Constitution, and I always will."

How this helps Pence win the nomination when Trump's America First base will decide who wins remains to be seen. Pence seems to believe that he can sway moderate Republican voters with his Jan. 6th attacks.

The issue there is Pence has little else to campaign on. He is an uninspiring figure who squandered all good will that he had from his time as Trump's Vice President.

Mike Pence's campaign appears to be dead on arrival and he seems to have little chance of breaking into the space occupied by Trump and Ron DeSantis.

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Thomas Jefferson
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