Mike Tyson suffers medical scare on plane

 May 28, 2024

Just two months before his fight with age 27 YouTuber/"boxer" Jake Paul, Mike Tyson is dealing with something WAY more stressful than a boxing match.

Mike Tyson's representatives have confirmed that the 57-year-old former world champion suffered a medical emergency while onboard a recent flight to Los Angeles. According to The Daily Mail, Tyson was "nauseous and dizzy, forcing flight staff to ask passengers if there was a doctor on board to provide assistance. Paramedics boarded the plane, which had already been delayed by two hours in Miami because of the heat, once it touched down in Los Angeles to give treatment."

As of now, everything SEEMS to be okay after the incident.

"Thankfully Mr. Tyson is doing great," his representatives explained to the New York Post.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul was a star on Vine, the social media app that occupied the space that TikTok currently owns. On Vine, users could post seven-second videos that forced the creator to capture the viewer's attention quickly, and Jake Paul figured out how to unlock the potential of the platform.

By the time Vine closed down, Paul had amassed 5,300,000 followers and collected literally billions of views.

This fame and fortune led to Paul being able to do pretty much whatever he wanted, so he decided to become a boxer. So far, the entertainer has used a carefully curated list of past-their-prime opponents or non-boxers to pad his record. As a result, Paul currently carries a 9-1 record in the boxing ring.

Mike Tyson

In terms of boxing ability, obviously these two aren't even on the same planet.

Mike Tyson rocked the boxing world by exploding onto the scene as a youngster, and has been publicly associated with the sport ever since.

What Mike Tyson cannot ignore though is the fact that his opponent is 30 years younger than Tyson is, which can make up for a lot of talent in the ring.

Tyson's age catching up?

Even before this incident, the world didn't need reminding that Mike Tyson was getting older. It's been the primary topic of discussion in the leadup to his fight with Paul, with the two boxers working together as promoters to focus on what Mike Tyson HAS done instead of what he's able to do now.

It's rubbed people the wrong way that these fighters seem to be propping each other up, each in an attempt to convince the public that the other is a legitimate fighter.

The public's fear is that Paul's simply an entertainer, and Tyson's too old.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that Tyson won't be in better shape before fight night, it definitely proves the rumors are true: Mike Tyson's no spring chicken anymore, and that's EXACTLY how Jake Paul likes his opponents.

Prayers to Mike Tyson, let's hope he can recover as well as his public relations team says he is.

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