Miss Universe finalist dies at 23

 May 8, 2023

Australia's Miss Universe finalist Sienna Weir died after a horse riding accident at the age of 23.

The accident occurred on April 2, with Weir on life support before her death.

Her career

"Sienna Weir was one of the 27 finalists in the 2022 Australian Miss Universe competition. She had a double degree in English literature and Psychology from Sydney University," according to NDTV.

"She previously told local outlets that she was planning to move to the UK to continue her career and 'spend more time with my sister, niece, and nephew and expand both my professional and social network,'" it added.`

Her love of horses

“Although I’ve lived most of my life in the city, I have a deep and unmoving love for show jumping,” she told Gold Coast Magazine in September 2022.

“My family aren’t quite sure where this passion came from, but I’ve been horse-riding since I was 3 years old and can’t imagine my life without it," she added.

Equestrian Australia chief executive Darren Gocher said the community was shocked by her death.

“We are devastated,” he said. “We are sending our thoughts and prayers to Ms Weir’s family.

“We are very saddened by this tragedy. We respect the family’s wish for privacy at this time.”

“I believe that while it is so important to stand by what you believe in and what you love, you never know what opportunity is just around the corner, and it is vital to push yourself to try new things and to fully know yourself. If I hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t be here!” Weir said about her essential qualities, according to the New York Post.

The loss of the young star was met with many comments from her online followers who were stunned over the loss of her life at such a young age. The news of her death has stretched around the world, grieving those who knew her personally and through her online influence.
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