Missing 13-year-old boy's body discovered in the East River outside of Manhattan

 October 28, 2023

A 13-year-old boy who went missing last week in the East River off Manhattan was found by authorities on Friday who pulled his body from the river.

The missing boy, Kavion Brown Godfrey, was last seen near East Sixth Street and FDR Drive on October 20th but was swept away and his body was eventually found near the South Street Seaport.

The boys parents, Laquana Badger Godfrey and Donnell Godfrey, identified the body and his mother reportedly fainted when she saw the body.

The boys family is planning to sue NYC's Department of Education due to the circumstances around Godfrey's tragic death.

Godfrey had been in the area with his coach to attend a soccer game for Lower East Side Prep. The family argues this means that the DOE had a “responsibility” to look after Godfrey and his death represented a breach of that responsibility.

Tough times for NYC

Godfrey's disappearance prompted a massive, and no doubt costly, response involving drones and scuba and aviation teams who searched for Godfrey for days.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard issued a statement on Thursday saying, "We’ve done everything that the department is in possession of to try to find this young man."

Nonetheless, that effort hasn't saved the city from further headache and expenditure thanks to this lawsuit and this story comes at a time when New York City's leadership is already under siege.

Mayor Eric Adams has had a terrible past year and even though he still has a couple years of his term left, the political pressure is on.

Adams's plate is already full and New York City's resources are stretched thin. It wouldn't be surprising to see a settlement made in this particular case quickly.

Adams losing support

Adams had a relatively smooth road to being the mayor of one of America's most prominent cities, but now all that luster is gone.

New York is enduring a flood of illegal immigrants and New Yorkers are blaming Eric Adams and the Democrat Party for the crisis. Adams previously advertised New York City as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

Now Republicans are testing Adams sincerity by shipping thousands of illegal immigrants to the Big Apple.

It would be very surprising to see Adams win a second term as mayor after all the things that have gone wrong for him in the past couple of years.

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