Monica Lewinsky alludes to Clinton scandal in viral social media post

 April 26, 2024

Monica Lewinsky has long claimed to have been a victim of the publicity which stemmed from her affair with former President Bill Clinton.

Yet as Fox News noted, that didn't prevent the former White House intern from indirectly referencing Clinton in a viral social media post this week. 

"You wouldn't last an hour in the asylum where they raised me"

According to the network, Lewinsky took part in a recent trend that has seen people quote lyrics from Taylor Swift's song "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?"

Found on her new album titled "The Tortured Poets Department," features a line in which Swift says, "you wouldn't last an hour in the asylum where they raised me."

Users of X and other social media platforms have begun to post those words above an image which depicts something from the individual's life. For her part, Lewinsky put up an image of the White House on Wednesday.

Fox News recalled how Lewinsky's relationship with the former president became public despite his initial denial that the two had "sexual relations."

Affair led to Clinton's impeachment in late 1998

Clinton had offered a similar denial when being deposed for a lawsuit filed by Paula Jones, a woman who accused him of sexually harassing her when he was governor of Arkansas.

That, along with other allegations of wrongdoing, led the House of Representatives to vote in favor of Clinton's impeachment in late 1998.

However, the Senate subsequently voted not to convict the president in February of 1999 at the conclusion of a five-week trial.

Lewinsky's post received support from some X users, including Venezuelan-American screenwriter and playwright Maria Alex Beech.

Social media users divided over Lewinsky's legacy

She wrote, "I once met your sweet Colombian neighbor (economist at CAF) who said that for a long time you wouldn’t leave your apartment except to ask her to borrow the vacuum cleaner."

"The situation with Clinton was gross and you survived it. In fact, you emerged a star. Not only did you survive Beverly Hills High/Bel Air Prep but also Washington. No one would last an hour in any of it and you lasted for years," Beech went on to add.

Not everyone was so supportive, however, with Democratic lawyer Regina Michele writing, "Go away. Your 15 minutes of fame was over 30 years ago."

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