Montana Republican says he will oppose debt ceiling deal

 May 30, 2023

Fox News reported this weekend that a deal to raise the debt ceiling has been reached between House Republicans and the White House.

However, not every GOP member is on board with the plan. That includes Montana Rep. Rosendale Matt, who denounced the deal in an explosive series of social media posts.  

Rosendale calls deal "the Fiscal Irresponsibility Act"

"The D.C. Swamp has proposed the largest debt ceiling increase in our nation’s history, adding $4 trillion to the existing $31 trillion national debt," Fox News quoted Rosendale as saying.

"The Fiscal Irresponsibility Act fails to cut spending and continues to fund the Democrats’ and Biden Administration’s radical agenda," he added.

"It is frankly an insult to the American people to support a piece of legislation that continues to put our country’s financial future at risk. Montanans did not send me to Washington to support business as usual, which is why I will be voting AGAINST the Fiscal Irresponsibility Act," Rosendale went on to assert.

Congressman supports alternative plan

Fox News noted that Rosendale is not alone in expressing such thoughts, as he earlier joined with like minded Republicans in writing a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The lawmakers expressed support for the "Limit, Save, Grow Act," a bill which passed the House in April and imposes more significant spending reductions.

"The United States is $31 trillion in debt – the House Republican plan is a great start to addressing this crisis," the letter insisted.

"For far too long, Congress has been kicking the can down the road and allowing deficit spending to spiral out of control," it continued.

Rep. Lauren Boebert has also expressed reservations

The letter described the Limit, Save, Grow Act,  as a "comprehensive plan" which "will fund the federal government responsibly and remove barriers to growing the economy while protecting Social Security, Medicare, and veterans' benefits."

"The spending habits of Washington politicians and bureaucrats must change to secure our nation’s financial future. We must shrink Washington to grow America," it concluded.

Fox News stressed that although Rosendale is thus far the only House Republican to definitively say that will oppose McCarthy's death, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert has also expressed reservations.

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