Montreal mayor collapses during press conference

 December 11, 2023

The mayor of Montreal collapsed during a press conference, giving Canadians a fright. 

An alarming video showed 49-year-old Valérie Plante saying, "Oh no, I feel unwell," before falling to the floor.

Mayor's health scare

The cause of the incident is unclear, but Plante says she is doing better now.

The mayor was, however, forced to miss a vote on the city's budget Monday, citing her ongoing recovery.

"I would like to thank my elected colleagues, who will exceptionally take over for the occasion," she wrote in French.

"I have to continue to slow down the pace of my activities, although fortunately I am feeling better and better. I will be back with you as soon as possible," she said.

Plante was answering questions during a press conference on December 5 when she suddenly stopped talking and fell down.

An ambulance came, but she declined to go to the hospital and was able to get up within a few minutes.

"This morning, I felt unwell during a press conference. Fortunately, I'm better. Thank you very much for your kind words and support," she wrote in French.

"I was able to meet with a medical team and I am doing well," she continued. "However, as a preventive measure and to fully get back into shape, I will have to reduce the pace of my activities in the coming days."

Mysterious illness

Her staff blamed the incident on a "malaise," making this the second time her office has given that explanation. Plante previously cancelled an appearance over the summer citing her health.

Quebec Premier François Legault wrote, "Glad you're doing well. Speedy recovery!"

Canada's socialist dictator, Justin Trudeau, wished Plante a "speedy recovery."

Canada is in the midst of a leadership crisis, as Trudeau faces a reckoning over steep housing costs driven in part by unsustainably high immigration.

Trudeau was also criticized for his heavy-handed governance during the COVID pandemic, which saw Canada enforce some of the most stringent restrictions in the Western world.

Trudeau resorted to extreme measures, including freezing the bank accounts of protesters, in order to crush peaceful demonstrations against his vaccine policies.

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