Most voters think Biden too old to be president: AP

August 29, 2023

Americans believe Joe Biden is too old to continue in his job as president, a new poll found.

The AP survey found that a full 77 percent of Americans are skeptical of Biden's ability to perform his duties, including 69 percent of Democrats.

Voters are far less likely to see age as a liability for 80-year-old Biden's rival, 77-year-old President Trump.

But the poll had a bright spot for Biden: the public sees him as more old than corrupt.

Biden too old: poll

Overall, 51 percent said Trump is too old, while 48 percent of independents think Trump is too old, compared to 74 percent for Biden.

The concern about Biden's age is shared among Democrats of all ages - but the party's voters still support him.

Evidence of Biden's wrongdoing - including texts, phone calls, and eyewitness accounts that Biden spoke to his son's shady foreign business partners over the phone - is overwhelming, but it has received little to no coverage in the mainstream media.

The impact of the media blackout may be reflected in the AP's poll, which found that just eight percent associated Biden with corruption, compared to nearly a quarter who said the same for Trump.

The results were flipped on the issue of age, with roughly a quarter describing Biden as old and slow. That's not surprising - Biden's feebleness is obvious and basically impossible to hide.

Saving grace?

Despite the public's reluctance to see Biden re-elected, the Democratic party elite is supporting him - and going to unprecedented lengths to destroy his opponent.

Prosecutors aligned with Biden's party are pursuing four criminal indictments against Trump - an unprecedented scenario in American politics. Trump has condemned the effort as a political witch hunt, and indeed, Biden appeared to gloat after Trump's most recent arrest in Georgia.

"Apropos of nothing, I think today's a great day to give to my campaign," Biden tweeted.

Biden was largely able to avoid strenuous campaigning in 2020, using COVID as an excuse to hide at home. He may be unable to avoid the rigors of campaigning this time around - although there are rumors that a return to pandemic hysteria is coming.

While it can't be good for Biden that voters perceive him as weak, it's somewhat of a saving grace that the public sees him as senile rather than malicious.

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