Mother of cop slain by illegal immigrant warns 'worse is coming' after shocking NYC attack

 February 6, 2024

The mother of a cop slain by an illegal immigrant is sounding the alarm after the shocking assault of two NYPD cops by a group of asylum seekers in Times Square. 

Mary Ann Mendoza - whose son Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver in 2014 - blasted prosecutor Alvin Bragg for releasing the suspects in the Times Square attack without bail, calling it the "worst" possible move.

She warned Fox and Friends First that "worse is coming" without tougher policies on crime and immigration.

Angel Mom's warning

Just one suspect has been charged in the Times Square incident, which involved as many as 14 attackers.

One of the suspects gave the middle finger to reporters in a brazen display that many have blamed on New York's "sanctuary city" policies.

More incidents like the shocking assault in Times Square will occur unless something changes, Mendoza said.

"Illegal criminals know they can continue committing crimes, they can shoplift and do heinous acts in the United States and never be held accountable and Alvin Bragg knows when you release an illegal criminal like that, they will never be found," she said.

Some of the migrants were reportedly arrested in Arizona on Monday after fleeing New York on a bus.

While Bragg has pledged to track down the migrants and bring them to justice, Mendoza - like many Americans - is skeptical.

"As we've heard, some of them are possibly already in California. They assume another identity. So this was the worst thing he [Bragg] could have done and the state of New York, it's 3.5 years minimum for assaulting a police officer and these men will face nothing," Mendoza said.

A few bad apples?

Mendoza blasted the government's failure to protect Americans, who she said are becoming "second-class citizens" in their own country.

"I really feel like America, we need to wake up. We are collateral damage, and we are becoming second-class citizens," she said.

Immigration advocates have said the Times Square attack represents a few bad apples, but Mendoza said she believes crimes like these have been under-reported.

"You have online chatter by Venezuelan gangs saying we have control of your streets and I believe them," she said. "I believe that something worse is coming down the chute."

In any event, as Mendoza knows all too well, no crime victim is a statistic - and even one preventable crime by an illegal alien is one too many.

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