Mother of Hunter Biden's child files for his arrest in child support case

 May 27, 2023

The mother of Hunter Biden's illegitimate child, Lunden Roberts, has filed for his arrest in a child support case he filed in Arkansas to try to lower the amount of support he pays from the current $20,000 per month.

Lawyers for Roberts asked the court to pursue a "civil contempt of incarceration" order in the case, due to the fact that Biden has not complied with discovery efforts in the case.

While Biden wishes to lower his amount of support and has pleaded poverty, he has been unwilling to cough up his financial records to prove it.

Does he really expect the courts to take his word that he's broke?

The ramifications

Biden didn't think through the ramifications of his attempts to get out of some of the almost a quarter of a million dollars in child support each year he is now paying.

He has never come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer, but did he really think he wasn't going to have to produce his financials?

"She seeks civil contempt of incarceration until such time as the defendant fully answers discovery and to be paid for her attorney’s fees and costs, which are paid from her child support payments and thereby a loss to the child in this case," Roberts's lawyers said in the court filing.

Turns out, she wants another $20,000 to compensate her for all the delays in the case, which have cost her money that she says was paid out of the child support she has received.

Motion denied

By seeking criminal contempt, Roberts hopes Biden will learn his lesson and stop obfuscating.

But the judge denied the motion after Biden's lawyers said he did comply with the paperwork requested, and that the lawyers didn't say they were dissatisfied with what was submitted.

Looks like Biden can stay out of jail for now.

Biden doesn't want to give up his financials because he's under investigation by the FBI. It's obvious he has things to hide.

Most of his income now comes from selling his art, which is done anonymously to prevent any accusations of attempts to get access to his father. At least, that's what Hunter, his art dealer, and President Joe have been saying.

Too bad that ship sailed a long time ago, and it seems kind of obvious that no one in their right mind would pay up to $75,000 for a bad painting by Hunter Biden. The evidence of influence peddling has been getting ever more obvious,

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