Mother of Hunter Biden's love child petitions court for change to daughter's last name

 January 1, 2023

Despite President Joe Biden's best efforts to pretend she does not exist, Navy Joan Roberts, his four-year-old granddaughter fathered by first son Hunter Biden, is now the subject of a court petition in which her mother seeks to change the girl's last name to match that of her paternal relatives, as Fox News reports.

The news comes as the president and first lady Jill Biden once again excluded the little girl from the collection of personalized stockings displayed at the White House which bore the names of the six grandchildren they do acknowledge, the spouse of granddaughter Naomi, as well as of first pets Commander and Willow, as the Washington Free Beacon noted.

Name change sought

As the New York Post noted earlier this month, Hunter Biden recently asked an Arkansas judge to reduce the amount of child support he is required to pay Lunden Roberts, the mother of the young daughter he has never personally met.

The first son has been under such an obligation since early 2020, when he agreed to pay an undisclosed monthly sum to Roberts in order to avoid a possible finding of contempt for his refusal to provide financial information as required by the court, as NBC News noted at the time.

Now, however, Biden is claiming that a “substantial material change” to his “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income,” necessitates a downward adjustment in his mandatory payments.

In response to that requests, Roberts' attorney has petitioned the court to permit her daughter's last name to be changed to Biden, in addition to requesting that the judge dismiss the support modification request due to Hunter's “long, and lengthy, history of attempting to avoid discovery by filing endless and recurrent motions for protective orders,” according to Fox News.

Biden "benefit"

Robert's attorney, Clinton Lancaster, explained in the relevant court filing that young Navy Joan would “benefit from carrying the Biden family name,” as it is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful,” as the Post noted separately.

The filing noted that Hunter – as well as Joe – Biden have remained “estranged from the child,” and added, “[t]o the extent this [estrangement] is misconduct or neglect, it can be rectified by changing her last name to Biden so that she may undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the prestigious Biden family.”

Hunter Biden is the father of three grown daughters with former wife Kathleen Buhle, and he also shares a 2-year-old son with current wife Melissa Cohen Biden, and all four have been acknowledged and embraced by the president and his wife.

Prior to the settlement agreement in which Hunter Biden agreed to pay child support to Roberts, he denied being the father of her daughter, asserting that he never had sexual relations with the former stripper, but after DNA evidence revealed that he was almost certainly the child's parent, he stopped contesting the issue of paternity.

Shameful estrangement

In a particularly appalling sidenote to the Biden family's intentional estrangement from Navy Joan Roberts, as the Daily Mail reported earlier this year, the president went so far as to refuse Secret Service protection for his granddaughter after the girl's mother claimed that her ex-fiancé had threatened both of their lives.

Roberts reported the menacing conduct to police, alleging that former cage fighter Princeton Foster cut the wires to her home security cameras, damaged her car, and told her that she would be “going to heaven” with the little girl.

Despite being informed of the frightening scenario, Biden reportedly declined to initiate any type of intervention and did not make contact with Roberts or her representatives to verify the child's well-being.

Whether bearing the last name Biden would prove to be a benefit or a curse for young Navy Joan is a topic of valid debate, but the utterly cruel manner in which the president and his family have cast aside this innocent victim of Hunter's reckless past speaks volumes about the character – or glaring lack thereof – of the nation's commander in chief.

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