MSNBC blogger admits that it's not clear whether Trump criminal case "even goes to trial"

 May 18, 2023

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is moving ahead with efforts to prosecute former President Donald Trump over a payoff to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

However, there is a dirty secret about the case that even some in the liberal media are being forced to acknowledge. 

Trump stands accused of falsifying business records

That's evident from an article MSNBC legal blog writer Jordan Rubin put out earlier this week called, "Manhattan prosecutors get a little more specific on Trump hush money charges."

"A question has long hovered over Donald Trump's Manhattan hush-money case, where he’s charged with falsifying business records," Rubin wrote.

"What’s the other crime or crimes involved that make the charges against Trump a felony instead of a misdemeanor?" he asked.

"Thanks to a recent filing from District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s team, we got some official detail on that," Rubin continued.

Indictment silent on what crime Trump was trying to conceal

Rubin then went on to provide a summary of the charges against Trump, noting how he has been accused in a 34-count indictment of falsifying business records.

The alleged falsification comes in the form of a reimbursement to Michael Cohen as legal fees after he paid Daniels to sign a non-disclosure agreement about a supposed affair. For his part, Trump has denied that any such affair took place.

Rubin next explained that for Trump's actions to qualify as being felonious, "prosecutors need to show that the defendant falsified records 'when his intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.'"

"You might think that the indictment would specify the other crime allegedly at issue," Rubin conceded before adding, "but you’d be wrong."

The prosecution has not said who exactly Trump intended to defraud

He noted that on Friday, Bragg's office finally "provided some detail" in the form of filing which states that "the crimes defendant intended to commit or to aid or conceal may include violations of" state and federal tax and election laws along with business record requirements.

Further, the filing argued that prosecutors have no requirement to spell out exactly which individual or entity the former president intended to defraud.

This fact seems to have left Rubin less than impressed. He admitted that it is unclear whether "this case even goes to trial."

"While any criminal case is serious for all involved, the legal ins and outs of this low-level felony case might not be at the top of Trump’s mind a year from now," the legal observer concluded.

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