MSNBC contributor panics over prospect of government oversight

January 8, 2023

MSNBC analyst and former congressman David Jolly has started the attack on House Republicans for plans to investigate government overreach in the FBI, DOJ and other agencies, calling it their "insurrection platform."

Jolly responded on Twitter to Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) announcing a new Church-style committee that will investigate the "weaponization of the federal government"--including the FBI, DOJ, DHS, and others.

The committee will be styled after one in the 1970s started by Rep. Frank Church, Republican of Idaho, that uncovered questionable actions by the federal government.

"Attack and shred"

Jolly said that the new committee would "attack and shred the federal government," undermining the people's confidence in it.

When another Twitter user suggested that Democrats might have some use for the committee as well, if they are allowed to do anything on it, Jolly went even further to argue against it.

Democrats nervous

The attacks show how nervous the idea of Republican investigations is making Democrats and those on the left.

They know that there has been wrongdoing on the part of these agencies, but Democrats' hold on both executive and legislative power has mostly squelched any investigations into the actions.

They also know that even with the complicity of the mainstream media to ignore any findings that harm Democrats or the Biden administration, Republicans now have the power to find out exactly how far left the Deep State has become and exactly what they have done to put their finger on the scale in favor of continued Democrat power.

CNN, MSNBC and all the network news agencies combined no longer surpass Fox News, Newsmax, the collective conservative blogosphere, talk radioland, and the conservative podcast community.

There is now no way to control the flow of information to the public, although the left has managed to demonize and sideline many conservative news organizations like Breitbart and Newsmax so that most Democrats have been scared off from watching or reading them.

Any means necessary

We should expect many more preemptive attacks on this new committee and other efforts to find out what these agencies have really been doing with our taxpayer dollars.

So far, though, Republicans do not seem deterred in their determination to get these agencies back on the proper track by any means necessary.

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Thomas Jefferson
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